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“Daniela has done three readings for me and they were amazing! Many validations were given to prove the presence of sprits, I did not even consider who would show up: details like shoes, cars, names, hair color, etc, that 100% validated the spirits, and left me in tears. She brought healing to a burden that I had been carrying for years!” Michael

Medium in CalgaryHealing Messages from the Other Side from a medium in Calgary

I really know what it feels like to go through a loss of a loved one, especially if there was something unsaid, or if some closure is missing.

I experienced this when my beloved great grandma died in my arms. I was just 25 years old, and I wish I could have told her how I loved her, and how I missed her, how grateful I am that she was there for me from the beginning of my life, and how sorry I am that I could not do anything to keep her here in this world. I know what it feels like not knowing if she is ok, and if she can see what I am doing, if she can see my kids growing up, or if she knows that I miss her.

To lose a loved one is like losing a piece of your own soul. It’s not just like missing someone, it’s like missing a part of yourself. This feeling can be so strong, that you stop living your own life. But living your own life, moving forward, enjoying your life, and remembering the love of your loved ones, is exactly what your loved ones on the other side want for you.

You need to know, when you think of your departed loved one, that they can hear you. And when you have suddenly the feeling your loved one is beside you, it may not be just your imagination.
You can talk to them, you can! But sometimes you may need someone who can validate for you that you are not just imagining this, and that death is not the end. Death is just a transition to another world.

A medium often can bring you this validation, because a medium can communicate with souls on the other side.

What is a Medium?

A Medium is a person who mediate communication between souls on the other side and living people. That means a medium is the “middleman” so to speak, between you the client, and spirit.
This practice is known as Mediumship.

How this exactly works is unclear. I’m my biggest skeptic of Mediumship, because I can not explain how it works, and why it works, but somehow it does. The only thing that I understand is, that it has nothing to do with the logical mind, it is just somehow possible.

I think, and I feel, that a Mediumship Reading is a wonderful way to bring healing and closure for you, while missing your loved ones on the other side.

I guess every medium has a different way of communication. I use clear seeing, the inner sense of knowing, inner sense of hearing and feeling.
The information I receive as a medium does not come from me, it comes from the Spirit World, your loved ones, and I am just the Messenger.
I also don’t read you, because if I would do this, I would do a psychic reading, and this has nothing to do with Mediumship. I only connect to Spirit.

Important for you is to know, that you don’t give me any information before the reading. I will ask you to work with me in form of validation.
Please be open to receive whatever information or messages come through, and also from whoever is trying to talk to you.

Please be aware that I can not promise that the person you would like to connect to will come through. Maybe someone is coming to you that you may have hardly known, or have not known. Maybe someone comes through to give a message to someone else and not you. All of this is possible.

“I will give my best to connect with the soul you want to talk to”

How I receive the information is also not only up to me: your loved ones have to give their best as well to try and communicate.

When I do this, I raise my energy, and your loved one needs to lower their energy. For both myself and spirit, this is quite an act to do :)

So please understand, that the information usually comes in bits and pieces. In order for this information to make sense is where we, Spirit and I, need your help.

Expampbe: If I see a key, I will tell you that I see a key. You need to think about what the key means to you. For example you might say: That is the key I have in my pocket, and it fits my mothers secret box….

But if I give you information that has no meaning at that moment, leave it open, because often you will have the answer later, even a few days later. Or the message was for someone else. Please listen to any information you receive carefully.

Please, do not wait to hear what YOU want to hear. I can only tell you what I receive from the other side, and then try to interpret the information to the best of my ability.

I will ask your loved ones for evidence to confirm that they are really your loved ones. This evidence may seem significant or quite trivial.

No medium is 100% accurate. Please don’t be confrontational, or just come for fun, because that would block the reading, and would waist both of our time.

“My Readings are all about Healing”

Healing can hurt sometimes, and you may want to bring some tissue with you.

If I am unable to connect with your loved ones, it is often because your loved ones are not ready to connect. The reason can be that they are undergoing healing, or they need to get used to me as a medium, or mediumship might be really new to them. It is like in the real world.

If I don’t get any information, I will honestly say it to you. I will not just make it up, because I would create a feeling of guilt for myself, and this would just lead to problems for myself.

And if no information comes through during the session, this does not mean a connection to your loved ones can’t happen later.

Please read my Disclaimer

A reading takes about 1 hour or longer. Even hearing from clients, again and again, how accurate my readings have been for them, and the healing it has brought them, I am still working on a donation basis for now.

I am now one of those mediums in Calgary as this is where I work.


Contact: Email Daniela


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  1. koelner says:

    Hi Daniela,
    I find this topic genuine, I believe in metaphysical things related to souls and spirits, but this is the first time I hear about mediumship.
    I’m a little bit skeptical about this concept, isn’t forgetting the best healing? How can mediumship help in the process of healing, is there any risk that becomes an obsession to be in contact with the missed person?

    • Daniela Hills says:

      Hi, very good question, thank you. Maybe for some people forgetting is their way of letting go of a loved one, but I am not sure if forgetting is really possible.

      Normally, when someone comes to me for a mediumship reading, he or she often needs closure, or the knowing that his or her loved ones are in some way still with them.

      I know if a mother lost her child, it is hard just to forget that the child is not alive anymore. A mother often feels guilty, that she could not help her child, or the mother often feels that she should go first, not the child. They suffer because of the feeling of disconnection, not being able to hold them, to see them growing up, and so on.

      Of course, the same is not just for mothers who have lost their children.

      With my great grandma, I felt so guilty, because I could not keep her alive, also knowing she was over 90 years old, and it was her time to go. After she was gone, I was suffering, caused by the feeling of disconnection, not being able to show her my kids, or my grand child.

      When people come to me for a mediumship reading, they will learn that their loved ones are still with them, because a mediumship reading is all about proving that somehow their loved ones are still here with us by giving evidence, like the name of the loved one, their looks, their behaviour and memories they share, what they did in life, and also what the living is doing in life.

      When a client leaves the reading, he or she feels released. They often have closure, and the healing can start when they allow themselves this healing, knowing their loved ones will live forever in their heart.

  2. Market Merchant says:

    NICE!!! Very very interesting niche, one I had thought nothing of what-so-ever. It is super Unique, and with work could easily become number 1, because I doubt you have very much, if any competition in that niche. I would recommend putting a definition for “Calgary” on their, as I don’t know what that means and I have a wide vocabulary. Others may get confused/turned-off to it too.

    • Daniela Hills says:


      Oh, yes, I can see this being a bit confusing: Calgary is simply the city I work in as a Medium in Calgary, a city in Western Canada. Thanks for your positive and inspiring comment!

  3. David Triplett says:

    Some times it is hard to let people go that have been a part of your life. It is good to know that there are people that are willing to help both the living and the dead to heal. Is there any preparation that you or the person that is getting a reading should do to ensure a good reading?

    • Daniela Hills says:

      Hi David,

      the person who is coming to me should not give me any information first, so my mediumship reading is not influenced by my logical mind. The less I know, the better and clearer the messages are. I only ask if the client understands this message or information. To ensure a good mediumship reading the client should be open to the information or messages that come through, this is all they must do, anything else is up to spirit and me.

      The person who comes to my mediumship reading is often very excited or nervous, and I personally feel the same. But when we start the reading, all this excitement and nervousness changes to being more relaxed and open to receive.

  4. Jerry says:

    Thank you for explaining what a medium is. My sister, now in her 60’s has considered herself a psychic and
    has practiced numerology, astrology, tarot cards, reiki and other things for years. To be honest, I have a hard time buying it so we don’t even discuss it (kind of like we don’t discuss politics – she is so wrong Lol), but that’s another story. Do you consider yourself a psychic as well? Can you tell me if Trump is going to make it to the primary?

    • Daniela Hills says:

      Hi Jerry,
      ​I consider myself a Medium using psychic abilities to communicate with spirit and for healing.
      I love your other question, but a psychic can only see the possible future just in this moment when he or she does a reading.

      For example, if you hear a psychic telling you that you will lose money in the next 3 weeks, I believe that you will do anything you can so that this will not happen! You will change your thinking and actions, and when you change it, you will have a different result than the psychics prediction. What you can learn here is that a psychic reading, like Tarot, is a great tool to see if your thinking and action right now are to your advantage or not.

      I personally don’t like to use Tarot cards, because they are always right, and I don’t like this :) … Just kidding…

      Your last question: I will not consider looking into it, because I have another job as a Medium, but I guess there are Psychics out there who are specialist in political questions.

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